We travel to Norway every five years for research and to learn more about the area of our Norwegian heritage. Members often comment that one of the highlights of Trønderlag of America Heritage tours are that they are custom, built from the ground up with unique special venues to meet the needs of our members. We do not take tour company tours and just add a few stops.

Some examples include attending church with the King and Queen, stopping at a hytte by the fjord for refreshments and relaxation hosted by relatives of one of our members, meeting the mayors of communities we visit, or visiting places with special connections to America.

Our 2014 tour group on a hill outside Trondheim overlooking the city. <Click/Tap for a larger version>.

Our Tours Are Special!

OUR 2014 TOUR:

For our 2014 trip, we sent research requests to the Regional Archives in advance and when we toured the archives, each person's research materials were waiting for them as we arrived at the facility.

We held this trip one year early to coincide with 200th anniversary of the signing of the Norwegian constitution. We gained approval and marched in the Syttende Mai parade where we were the third unit. The "Children's Parade" which proceeded us had 20,000 children marching! We had a private tour of Nidaros Cathedral and a private performance on the restored Steinmeyer Organ acknowledging our financial donation to aid in its restoration. Another highlight was attending a special Ecumenical service at Nidaros attended by the King & Queen, the head of Parliament and other dignitaries. During our time in Trøndelag we were interviewed by Three different newspapers, primarily because of advanced knowledge about our contribution to Nidaros.

OUR 2010 TOUR:

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OUR 2005 TOUR:

One uniqueness of this tour was our tour guide. We hired the Principal of a Norwegian Folk High School who possessed extensive knowledge of the history of this year's area of travel. As part of the tour we had a meal at and toured his Folk High School. We visited a prison where the Nazi soldiers made the captives crawl from one end of the court yard to the other and walked through the woods where unmarked graves had simple markers placed to remember those who died and were buried there.

2019 - a change in venue!

OUR 2019 TOUR:

One major change for our 2019 tour was starting in Oslo. Normally we start in Trondheim and then range out with a series of day trips in addition to genealogy research. We also have included multi-day trips reaching above the arctic circle and through the mountains to Røros.

Starting in Oslo increased the appeal of the tour, especially for those who had never been to Norway before. A 72 hour "Oslo pass" gave us the opportunity to use public transportation for both group and individual activities. Another highlight was taking the train to Trondheim through Norway's beautiful countryside. We arrived in time for Olavsfestdagene (a church and cultural festival) with 300 events, a medieval market, and 800 international and Norwegian artists a presenting a rich program of classical music, folk, pop and jazz.

We also attended "Spelet om Heilag Olav" (The St. Olav Drama), the oldest outdoor historical play in Norway. The play depicts the Battle of Stiklestad in 1030 which resulted in death of King Olaf II of Norway (later Saint Olav). The play has been performed every year since 1954. 

2024 TOUR

We have no idea what this tour will be like. Only that it will be special and created specifically for the requests of our members. We are already looking forward to this tour.